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Cake with sheets of burnt sugar, walnuts and whipped cream

Cake with sheets of burnt sugar, walnuts and whipped cream

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It was.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then gradually add the sugar, continuing to beat. We stop only when the meringue obtained forms "thorns" to the touch. Add the yolks, sifted flour and ground walnuts. Homogenize by stirring gently, from top to bottom.

Divide the composition into 3 equal parts. Grease the back of a pan with oil and sprinkle with flour, spread part of the composition, level lightly and put the tray in the preheated oven, over medium heat, for 10-12 minutes (it should take a little color on the edges).

Note: If you want a high cake, which can be served by hand, in small portions, bake the sheets on the back of a 20/25 cm tray - they will come out thicker, if you do not want it high and prefer to serve it with a teaspoon (so like me) choose a 24/30 tray.

When it is ready to bake, gently pass a knife under the sheet to make sure it comes off easily and let it fall slightly, tilting the tray, on a sheet of paper. Do the same with the other two sheets.


Mix fresh. Boil the milk together with a vanilla pod. Mix the yolks with the starch, sugar and 3 tablespoons of cold milk.
When the milk boils, add the yolk composition, stirring with a whisk, without stopping, little by little, taking the bowl off the heat. Put back on the heat and stir until it thickens. Remove the vanilla bean.

Cool well then take a third of the amount of whipped cream and mix vigorously. Stir in the rest of the whipped cream, stirring gently. You will get a fluffy cream, very good.


Caramelize the 8-10 tablespoons of sugar.
Put the first sheet, pour over it, in a thin thread, caramelized sugar with the help of a spoon. Spread 1/3 of the cream and place the second sheet, caramelize, spread the cream and place the last sheet. Grease it with the remaining cream, mix the whipped cream and spread it evenly on top.

Sprinkle with ground walnuts and refrigerate for a few hours. The cream will melt the caramelized sugar.

The source of inspiration is Lissa, although I only followed the recipe from the recipe :)).

Cake with caramel sheets and ness cream

Cake with caramel sheets and ness cream recipes: how to cook cake with caramel sheets and ness cream and the tastiest recipes for sheets with honey and vanilla cream, cake with ness and biscuits, cake with biscuits and chocolate cream, quick cake with caramel, tart with chocolate and salted caramel, cake sheet over sheets, meringue cake with cream ness, fasting cakes with ness cream, leaf cake with honey, cake with semolina cream.

Cake with caramel sheets and ness cream

Sweets, top cakes: 6 cups of sugar, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons baking soda, flour as it contains. cream: 800 g sour cream, 3 cups sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 2-3 teaspoons of ness.

Neapolitan cake and caramel cream

a packet of caramel cream wafer sheets: 200 gr ground walnuts 200 gr butter or margarine 3 eggs 400 gr sugar 1 teaspoon rum essence

Cake with ness and meringue sheets

Egg whites: - 12 egg whites - 400 gr. powdered sugar - 400 gr. roasted and ground walnuts. for the cream: - 12 yolks - 12 tablespoons powdered sugar - 4 teaspoons ness (unprepared powder) - 400 gr. butter - 200 gr. ground nuts or hazelnuts.

Cake with ness and biscuits

Sweets, Cakes - picnic biscuits or some fragile and small biscuits around 30 pcs. -I needed it last time. for cream: -milk -a cup -8 tablespoons sugar -8 tablespoons flour 250 g butter -vanilla essence * ness cream: -3 or 4 tablespoons ness -3 or 4 tablespoons sugar

Cake with caramel mousse and ness

Cocoa, Gelatin, Top yolks: 3 eggs 100 g sugar, & nbsp 15 ml water, 15 ml oil 10 g cocoa 4 tablespoons mousse flour: 100 g sugar 2 tablespoons water 500 ml liquid cream 2 g ness 2 yolks 5 g gelatin.

Cake with sheets and ness cream

Baking powder, Water, Glaze sheets: 400 g flour 1 egg 75 g sugar 1 tablespoon honey 4 tablespoons milk 1 baking powder 125 g margarine cream: 2 sachets ness (4 teaspoons) 200 ml liquid cream 200 g mascarpone 1 tablespoon water 100 g powdered sugar a vanilla essence 150 g fried walnuts and.

Cake with caramel sugar sheets

Baking powder, Eggs, Egg yolks 500 g flour 2 yolks 400 g sugar 200 ml milk 200 ml oil 1 baking powder cream 150 g sugar 100 g powdered sugar 3 egg yolks 4 sachets vanilla sugar 250 g margarine union 200 ml milk 150 g flour glaze 2 egg whites 120 g powdered sugar juice.

Cake with sheets and caramel cream

Sweets, Cakes for sheets (6 sheets): 2 eggs, 12 lg sugar, 9 lg milk, 12 lg oil, 2 lg of ammonia quenched with vinegar (I put a teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of baking soda because I do not have had ammonia and came out the same), flour as it contains, about 750-800gr.

Cake with wafer sheets and caramel cream

Sweets, Cakes a pack of wafer sheets 6 eggs 500 g sugar 250 ml milk 1 tablespoon cocoa 200 g ground walnuts 200 g ground hazelnuts 100 g shit

Neapolitan sheets with caramel cream

Walnut, 6 eggs a large pack of Neapolitan sheets for cream: 500 g walnut 300 g sugar 6 eggs 2 packets of butter 1 bottle of rum essence for caramel: 400 g sugar

Cake with ness and nut

Sweets, Cake top: 8 egg whites, 200 g powdered sugar, 250 g chopped walnuts, 2 tablespoons flour 1 cream baking powder: 8 egg yolks, 200 g sugar, 2 teaspoons ness, 500 ml whipped cream

Cake with burnt sugar sheets and fasting coffee cream

Fasting recipes, Sweets for burnt sugar sheets: 2 cups of caster sugar 1 cup hot water 1 cup oil 2 teaspoons baking soda quenched with lemon juice flour as it contains for caramel cream with.

Creme brulee

Rum essence, Rum, Ness 8 fresh country eggs 250 g sugar 1 l country milk vanilla essence rum essence orange peel 10 tablespoons sugar for caramel little ness

Cake with ness

Baking powder, Vanilla, Counter yolks: 7 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour 7 tablespoons oil 1 vanilla baking powder for cream: 1 and 1/2 packet butter 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 cup sugar 2 egg yolks 1 cup ground nuts 1 tbsp ness 3 tablespoons apa

Cake with ness

Sweets, Cake top: 5 egg yolks 5 egg whites 5 tablespoons sugar 5 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 teaspoons ness cream: 200 gr. Oil or margarine 150 gr. powdered sugar 2 teaspoons coffee ness 3 yolks icing: 10 tablespoons powdered sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa.

Quick cake with caramel cream

Sweets, Top cakes: 6 eggs, 12 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 4 tablespoons oil, 10 tablespoons flour, vanilla essence. caramel cream: 200 g sugar, 100 g butter, vanilla essence, 150 g liquid cream (hulala).

Delicious cake with two creams

Cream, Raisins, Walnut for leaves: 250 ml oil 2 eggs 3.4 cup water 1 teaspoon ammonia 1 kg flour or as much as possible to spread sheets for caramel cream: 250 g sugar 200 g walnut 50 g raisins 100 ml milk 150 g margarine for white cream: 1 kg sour cream 150 g.

Cake with caramel cream & quotCaramel & quot

sheets: -1 packet of butter or margarine - 150 g sugar - 2 eggs - 5 tablespoons milk - 1 teaspoon baking soda - 500 g flour cream: -300 g sugar - 1/2 packet butter - 4 tablespoons flour - 1/2 l milk

Walnut and ness cake

Sweets, Cakes for a stove tray: top: 400g sugar (preferably powder), 300 g butter, 300 g ground walnuts (it is ideal to put the walnuts to brown a little in the oven before grinding, they come out great), 150g flour, 9 egg whites. cream and: 400 g powdered sugar.

Chocolate And Caramel Cake

Cakes, Sweets 175g butter 250g chocolate, broken into pieces 75ml amaretto liqueur 175g sugar 4 eggs, beaten 125g flour 125g ground almonds for cream and decoration: 284ml sour cream 5 tablespoons caramel cream sugar powder 18 mini chocolate eggs fresh mint sprigs

Uncooked milk cake

Ness 5 eggs l milk 26 tablespoons sugar 10 tablespoons flour 300 g biscuits 1 sachet ness 200 g margarine 5 sachets vanilla sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Caramel cream cake

Sweets, Cakes for sheets: 1 egg, 100g sugar, 20 g butter, 2 tablespoons honey, 3 tablespoons milk, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 300 g flour, lemon juice. cream: 200 g sugar, 200 ml water, 3 tablespoons flour, 2 eggs, 180 g butter

Cake with vanilla cream and whipped cream

Yolks, Ness, 6 eggs for countertops: 6 eggs 6 tablespoons sugar 4 tablespoons oil 4 tablespoons cold water 2 tablespoons cocoa 4 tablespoons flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons vanilla essence a cream salt powder: 550 ml milk 2 yolks 5 tablespoons sugar 5 tablespoons.

Fasting cake with ness cream

Sweets, Cakes 300 gr sugar 100 ml grated lemon peel oil 300 ml water lemon juice a teaspoon baking soda 4 tablespoons sour jam 2 sachets vanilla sugar 600 gr flour 300 gr nuts 250 gr margarine 150 gr powdered sugar 4 teaspoons ness

Brussels Sprouts (blegian cake)

Sweets, Cakes 1 packet of "petit beurre" biscuits (there are about 20 biscuits in the pack), 250g of unsalted butter, 2 cups of hard coffee or amaretto liqueur (or both combined), 1 cup of powdered sugar for cream (put more more or less to taste), 2 teaspoons.

Walnut and chocolate cake

Sweets, Cake top: * 6 eggs * 6 tablespoons sugar * 4 tablespoons flour * 5 tablespoons ground walnuts * 1 tablespoon black cocoa * 1 teaspoon baking powder * vanilla cream: * 100 g chocolate with hazelnuts * 350 ml whipped cream * 10 g gelatin * 100 g ground walnut * 1 teaspoon ness.

Cake with honey and caramel cream

Sweets, Cakes ingredients: for sheets: 1 egg, 120g sugar, 80 g butter, 2 tablespoons honey, 3 tablespoons milk, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 300 g flour. cream: 200 g sugar, 200 ml water, 3 tablespoons flour, 100 ml milk, 120 g butter

Cake with ness

Sweets, Cake top: 10 eggs 200 g sugar 5 tablespoons breadcrumbs 5 tablespoons flour 5 tablespoons cocoa 5 tablespoons honey 15 g baking powder 50 ml milk 270 ml oil a pinch of salt vanilla cream: 5 eggs 150 g sugar 4 sachets ness 500 ml milk 6 tablespoons starch 2 sachets of gelatin.

Waffles with caramel and walnut

- 1 small packet of wafer sheets for caramel cream: - 200 g unsalted butter - 300 g sugar - a teaspoonful of salt - lemon / rum / almond essence - lime peel / lemon - 250-300 g chopped walnuts - 4 yolks

Creme brulee

Sweets, Cakes 8 fresh country eggs 250 g sugar 1 l country milk vanilla essence rum essence orange peel 10 tablespoons sugar for caramel little ness

Dulce de leche - the finest caramel cream

Caramel, Cream Cakes, Sweets 4 cups milk 1 1/4 cup sugar 1 knife tip baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Mini eclairs with vanilla cream and grapes

Vanilla, Water, Glaze for shells 250 ml water 100 g butter / margarine 3 eggs 125 g flour salt for cream 400 ml milk 2 eggs 3 tablespoons starch 5 tablespoons sugar vanilla essence grated peel of a lemon 3 tablespoons butter for glaze caramel topping ness granules

Cake with sweet cheese and caramel

Sweets, Cakes 500 gr plain biscuits 50 gr butter 50 ml milk 250 gr sweet cheese (cream cheese) 250 gr caramel 100 gr condensed milk 1 sachet and a half gelatin 100 gr sweet cream 1 vanilla essence for caramel: 250 gr sugar 50 gr butter 20 ml milk

Tort Kodrit Kadir

Sweets, Cake top: 1 egg, 100 g sugar, 100 ml milk, 100 ml oil, 1 lgt baking powder, 100 g flour, 4 lg cocoa, 1 lg ness, a little rum cream: 800 ml milk, 5 eggs, 200 g sugar, vanilla caramel essence: 5 lg sugar

Delicious cake with bananas and caramel sauce

Sweets, Cake for banana cake: 175g butter 175g brown sugar 110g caster sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 3 ripe bananas 3 eggs 300g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder for caramel sauce: 375ml liquid cream 135g brown sugar

Caramel cream cake

Sweets, Countertop cakes: * 5 eggs * 5 tablespoons sugar * 3 tablespoons oil *

300 g flour * 200 ml milk * 1 tablespoon green coconut * 1 baking powder * vanilla essence for caramel cream: * 1 sachet of caramel cream * 250 ml milk * 4 tablespoons sugar *.

Better than sex cake

Cakes, Cream cakes, Chocolate cake tops: 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon cocoa salt powder 1/2 teaspoon baking powder cream: 100 g butter 100 g chocolate white cream: 300 ml liquid cream juice from 1/2 lemon caramel sauce: 120 g sugar 2 tsp.

Meringue cake with vanilla cream and ness

Sweets, Cakes 4 eggs 300 ml milk 10 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon ness 200 ml liquid cream a pinch of salt 2 tablespoons starch 1 tablespoon vanilla essence

Dora roll cake

Sweets, Cake top: 250g walnut kernels, 125g powdered sugar, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons cocoa, rum essence ness cream: 3 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons ness, 150g powdered sugar 200g butter cherry jam (raspberries, apricots, currants, etc.)

Cake dressed in Caramel Cream

Baking powder, Cocoa, Vanilla sugar countertop: 6 eggs 6 lg. sugar, 6 lg flour 2 lg cocoa, vanilla sugar white cream baking powder: 1 packet of sweet sweet cheese (250 gr.), 1 white chocolate, 200 gr. frisca hulala. caramel ganache cream: 2 chocolate caramel 300 hulala whipped cream.

Cake with ness and nut

Counter yolks -8 egg whites -6 yolks -225 g sugar -200 g coconut or ground walnut -3 tablespoons of beech -grated peel of a lemon -1 baking powder -2 sachets of vanilla sugar -a powder salt -30g butter or 2 tablespoons oil. for anointed.

Taoko cake

Children's food, Cakes 300 g biscuits (or 1 + & frac12 pack) 200 ml prepared coffee (lean) or inka 350 ml liquid cream (150 in cream + the rest garnished) some strawberries for vanilla cream we need: yolks from 2 eggs (egg whites can be used for.

Leaf cake with burnt sugar, walnuts and whipped cream - Recipes

to the creams write & quotand when the butter melts add. & quot but how much butter do you need? That year you wrote nowhere about him

Sorry it was sugar. Thank you for the warning.

And what do we do with burnt sugar syrup? Do we soak the sheets?

Sorry, I read it again :) I remembered :)

this is a wonderful recipe, I've made it many times! it's great!

Hi, I did everything too, but the sheets were with honey. Pup Gabriela

for how many sheets of size 42/30 is the recipe? thank you

I cut the big sheet of 42/30 in two, I baked 2 sheets at the same time. If you want you can make 3 sheets.

it is a good and cool cake. I made it and it was appreciated. thanks irina.

Beautiful cake as only you know how to make! Kiss

irina, what does 6 lg of oil mean - 90 g, I don't understand, the oil is measured in ml, and lg what is teaspoons or spoons - obviously you will mutter something if you pass :)
I'm waiting for an answer, thanks in advance -

Cozia, I don't mutter that I'm not a tadpole, I talk or I write. Lg = tablespoons, you can measure the oil in grams and milliliters. When I have a bowl with certain ingredients, I put it on the scale, set the country and add another ingredient. Anyway, thanks for the warning. I hope I muttered on your tongue!

You don't have to be upset, Irina, it's normal for people like this to be there. Instead of thanking you for the wonderful recipes you present to us, it bothers you.

You don't have to be upset, Irina, it's normal for people like this to be there. Instead of thanking you for the wonderful recipes you present to us, it bothers you.

This cake must be really good! Water came in my mouth! I got the "murmur" even though I didn't taste it either.

Which cream do you use, does it work for La Dorna cream or any kind of cream?

La Dorna whipped cream is also good. I use sour cream purchased from a local producer.

on the apple pie you didn't write the amount of apples and the sugar that has apple juice, it made my eyes but it came out great. congratulations Irina

I just made the sheets but I didn't do very well. I was made of hardened caramel balls, as if the amount of dough wasn't enough, because I didn't have 2 large sheets. :( I think we needed more caramel sugar. I don't know

The caramel should be left on the fire until it liquefies completely.

I left it for a long time until it was like a syrup, and then I put a teaspoon of the rest of the composition and mixed it but it hardened.

Irina, don't be upset with those who criticize you. Read better and then they will understand. thank you for everything you do.

the recipe with leaves and whipped cream is wonderful. I used to make it when I was younger, children liked it. Thank you for reminding me of it. It's very good.

Dear Irina, I am very glad that I found the recipe, and thank you very much for it. My mother (83 years old) has been making this cake for many years, but instead of burnt sugar she uses bee honey for sour cream filling (in our country it is called & quotSchmand & quot). My problem was that her recipe is: & quotcit contains & quot :-), so I had to suddenly assist her and weigh each & quot & add & quot. We had a lot of fun.
I am always happy when I find cake recipes that I have known since I was a child. Grüße und ein schöner Advent! Moriwes

Buna Irina,
I searched ffff a lot for this recipe. We ate it when I was a child and my mother used to make it. May the Lord give you health and patience. with all. Merry Christmas!

How to make the recipe for overturned cake with apricots, burnt sugar and fluffy sponge cake or cake with apricots and almonds?

How to prepare the fruit for an overturned apricot cake?

First I chose my shape and experimented with whole apricots (washed and steamed) & # 8211 to see how much I fit in it. In my case (in the shape of 30 cm) they fit approx. 1.5 kg of large and fine apricots. There was still room for 1-2, but I only picked so many today from the apricot in the garden. In total I used 24 apricots. You can also use peaches but then put halves because they are much larger than apricots.

I split the apricots carefully (with the knife, on one side) just enough to remove the seeds. I made 24 balls out of 200 g of almond marzipan and filled the apricots with them. This step is optional but recommended because the almond marzipan goes very well with sour apricots! Marzipan can be bought online or from Lidl (it is available during Christmas in small packages of 200 g). You can also use marzipan bars drawn in chocolate. Marzipan is a paste composed of 66% almonds and the rest sugar. NOT to be confused with that sugar paste cake for cakes which is an inedible cheap made with starch.

You can replace the marzipan with an Amaretti or Amarettini (small crispy almond meringue) that is commercially available.

How to make burnt sugar for overturning with apricots?

In a saucepan I caramelized 200 g of sugar (without water, dry caramel) over low heat. It does not have to be very brown because it becomes bitter. I immediately poured it into the cake tin and shook it quickly so that the caramel covered its bottom evenly.

I let the form cool for 15 minutes. You will hear the sugar contracting and cracking. It doesn't matter if it cracks. I set the oven to 180 C with ventilation (heat up + down) and the middle to high stage for those with gas.

After the caramel had cooled, I carefully placed the stuffed apricots in the pan. I made sure that the cut was on the side and that the beautiful face of each apricot was down, towards the bottom of the tray & # 8211 because after the overturning they reach the top. I distributed approx. 50 g of butter (flakes) over apricots.

I put the tray in the preheated oven and baked the apricots for 25 minutes at 180 C.

Caramel wafers & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

Recipe of wafers with caramel and walnut is my husband's favorite, it's very easy to make and it's super delicious. I like it just as much because it contains two of my favorite ingredients: caramel and walnut. Not to mention that it is one of the cakes of our childhood, so we can't help but love it.

For the caramel wafer recipe you need a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. First, we make a simple mixture of powdered sugar, butter and eggs. Then, caramelize a little caster sugar and pour over it the mixture made before. The result is a delicious caramel cream that we turn into something even more delicious by adding chopped walnuts. Spread the cream over the wafer sheets, as evenly as possible and put the cake in the fridge overnight.

Thus, the cream will harden and the wafer sheets will soften a little. It is very important to work quickly with caramel cream. It can harden very quickly and it will be impossible to stretch it evenly. If it still hardens, put it on the fire for a few minutes. For the wafer sheets, I used small sheets. You can also buy large sheets, but you will have to cut them in half. Instead of walnuts you can put hazelnuts, almonds or even a combination. It depends only on you, but the most used are walnuts.

I am convinced that you will love these wafers with caramel and walnut and that you will try them too. I'm sure they will become some of your favorites. For us, it will surely be the quick cake that we will prepare every time we want a good and easy dessert to make. If these wafers with caramel cream and walnut reminded you of your childhood, you can try other recipes from long ago. Snow-white cake is one of them, as well Dobos cake.

Cake with sheets and burnt sugar cream

Cake with tender leaves and delicious caramel cream, a fragrant and extremely beloved dessert!

Preparation time:



Preparation instructions

Sheet Preparation

In a bowl mix (with the mixer) milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, baking soda and oil.

Gradually add the flour and mix.

Knead until you get a homogeneous dough and do not stick to your hands.

The dough is divided into four equal parts for 4 sheets the size of a 30x20cm tray.

Line the worktop with flour and spread the sheet with the shit.

Grease the back of the tray (tray turned upside down) with oil (thin layer) and place it so that it comes perfectly close to the edges.

Remove the excess dough (cut with a sharp knife) and bake the sheets one by one in the preheated oven at 180C for 7-10 min.

The sheet is ready when it becomes slightly golden at the edges. Bake all the sheets in the same way, then let them cool.

Cream preparation

In a saucepan caramelize 100 g of sugar, stir periodically.

When a little foam has formed on top, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool for 1-2 minutes.

Add the diced butter and mix until it melts.

Put it on the fire again, add 100 ml of milk and let it simmer until the caramel melts.

The rest of the milk is mixed with the rest of the sugar and flour until we obtain a homogeneous composition.

When the caramel composition is homogeneous (the caramel has melted) add the flour composition.

Stir continuously until it thickens, remove from the heat and add the rum essence + vanilla extract.

The cream hardens when cold.

The cream is divided into three parts. The cake will have four sheets and three layers of cream.

Place the first sheet and the first part of the cream on a tray the size of a sheet.

Spread in a uniform layer, continue in the same way with the rest of the sheets and cream.

Cover the cake with cling film and place a wooden countertop + a weight of about 1 kg.

Allow at least 6 hours (preferably overnight) to soften the sheets and then remove the edges.

For the glaze & # 8211 mix the melted chocolate well with oil.

Glaze the cake and put it in the cold for 10 minutes, during which time the chocolate hardens.


Cake with burnt sugar sheets and vanilla cream a delicious homemade dessert recipe, with tender leaves flavored and colored with burnt sugar and a vanilla cream without eggs. You can also use other types of cream: semolina cream, sour cream with nuts, mascarpone with whipped cream, a cream with butter and vanilla or a cream with chocolate.

Burnt sugar cake it is very easy to do, despite appearances. It may take us a while to prepare the sheets, but it's definitely worth the effort. These are the stars of the cake. When preparing the dough it is good to use a scale to obtain identical sheets. They stretch more easily between two food sheets. You can draw the shape of the tray on a baking paper and use it as a standard, to spread the dough after it and the losses (the edges that exceed the shape of the tray) to be as small as possible.

Or, you can use my grandmother's method: the centimeter. He had a sewing machine in the kitchen and often borrowed the centerpiece for the cake sheets.

When preparing fine sheets of cake, baked on the bottom of a tray, be careful not to leave the kitchen. bake quickly, depending on the power of the oven, in 8-10 minutes. When removing them, you must handle them with great care so as not to break them. When hot they are very fragile, then they harden. You can overlap the sheets as you take them out of the oven and a very good thing is that you can prepare them a few days in advance, when you have a table with many dishes to prepare at the same time. The holidays can be crowded, and preparing the sheets 4-5 days in advance will make your work easier.

Cake with burnt sugar sheets and vanilla cream it takes at least 24 hours for the sheets to freeze. After 36 hours it is already perfect!

To prepare the burnt sugar sheets you have to burn the sugar to be nice brown, copper. Do not let it turn dark brown, to black because it is bitter and the cake will not be good.

Other cakes with sheets prepared by me with great success among friends, but also among those who follow my blog:

You can find all the cakes with sheets if click here.

Now I leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for burnt sugar cake and vanilla cream and I invite you to prepare it too.


For burnt sugar sheets
80 g caramel sugar
80 g of sugar
60 ml water + 2 tablespoons water
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
100 ml oil
a teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon sour cream
flour as it contains around 420 -470 g

Vanilla cream:
750 ml milk
250 g sugar
300 g butter
7 tablespoons flour
1 vanilla pod

For topping:
100 g melted milk chocolate at baine-marie
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon oil
4 tablespoons ground walnuts
powdered sugar

Put 80 g of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water in a saucepan, over low heat until the sugar caramelizes. Quench with 60 ml of water and leave on low heat until the caramel melts, then let this syrup cool.
Mix the 2 eggs together with 80 g of sugar and an envelope of vanilla sugar. Add the oil, the caramel syrup and gradually the flour mixed with the baking powder. Between the stages in which we put the flour, we also add the sour cream.

We spread 3 sheets with dimensions of approximately 22 * ​​33. Put them on a baking sheet and bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 8-10 minutes.

Boil half the amount of milk, sugar and seeds in a vanilla bean.

When it starts to heat, add the rest of the milk in which we dissolved the flour. Bring to the boil until the composition thickens, then remove from the heat and allow to cool. When the composition is just a little warm, add the butter and mix well. Then leave the cream to cool for a few hours.

Put the melted chocolate in a bain-marie together with 2 tablespoons of milk. Grease the sheets with vanilla cream, taking care to spread a layer of melted chocolate on the last one and mixed with a tablespoon of oil.

We put a little ground walnut on it, while it is still hot. Before serving, line with powdered sugar.

I invite you to follow my YouTube account. Here I post simple and easy to prepare recipes.

Wafer sheets with caramel and walnut classic recipe for Lica sheets with burnt sugar

Wafer sheets with caramel and walnut classic recipe for Lica sheets with burnt sugar. Grilias cake with Lica leaves stuffed with walnuts and hazelnuts wrapped in burnt sugar cream with eggs and butter. A simple but extremely tasty dessert. An old recipe from the notebook of great-grandmother Buia from Sibiu.

these wafer sheets with caramel and walnut we call them Grilias Cake because they came on the Austro-Hungarian chain about 150 years ago. That's what their grandparents from Ardeal and Banat knew. My great-grandmother's recipe is called & # 8222Karlsbad leaves with hazelnuts & # 8221. In Austria we still find these wafer sheets under the name & # 8222Carlsbader Waffelblätter & # 8221.

The recipe is to be written on a yellowed sheet of paper and the units of measurement are dk (deca-grams & # 8211 ie 10 g). In my grandmother's recipe, hazelnuts appeared, but I know she also made them with walnuts or with a mix of walnuts and hazelnuts.

The Lica (Neapolitan) sheets were then called Karlsbad (Carlsbad) sheets, meaning Karlovy Vary. This was the name of the then famous imperial spa (currently in the Czech Republic). This year I passed through Karlovy Vary and admired the sublime landscape in which it is located.

The opulent architecture fits perfectly into the decor, creating an idyllic image. A luxurious, very chic resort that has stood the test of time and has been properly restored.

Look how nice Karlsbad is today!

A gorge that winds through the mountains. Like our Sinaia & # 8230 but it seems different. Everything is clean, civilized, well maintained. 4 and 5 star hotels with spa services (balneo) and luxury shops. Here is the promenade on the bank of the small river that crosses the town.

The most famous hotel in Karlovy Vary is Grand Hotel Pupp. Dreamlike!

They also have a cafe-confectionery with exceptional products.

We stopped for coffee and a cake. Hi !! At the end of the recipe you will find a video with this wonderful resort.

Going back to the wafer sheets called "Karlsbad sheets", during the communist period they were called "Lica sheets" and you didn't have much to fill them with. Where do 200 g of butter, 5 eggs and 200 g of walnuts or hazelnuts come from? Or they were made very rarely & # 8230 People filled Lica sheets with jam or cheaper creams. That's how he was born Rumba cake with shit and egg whites & # 8211 recipe here.

The wafer made of wafer sheets filled with caramel can be made in several ways: with whole eggs or only with yolks, with burnt sugar in which beaten eggs are placed and there is a risk of forming an omelet (because hot sugar immediately coagulates eggs), with 2 or more sheets, with nuts or hazelnuts or as I learned me in the house and how I show you in the following.

It is important that walnuts and hazelnuts are lightly fried beforehand to have a more intense flavor. Vanilla should not be missing from the cream. Some put all kinds of rum essences in the filling but I don't think they fit at all & # 8230 burnt sugar flavor goes perfectly with vanilla and that's about it. I wholeheartedly advise you to put 1/4 hazelnuts for them to give a special taste and aroma to this cake!

I give you the ingredients for a cake with 3 wafer sheets and 2 layers of cream, the sheets measuring 20 x 30 cm. It is a sweet and consistent cake that is cut into small pieces.


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