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Mash-Ups, Fast-Food Style Slideshow

Mash-Ups, Fast-Food Style Slideshow

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Dunkin Donuts + Oreo — Oreo Coolatta and Oreo Donut

What better a way to celebrate the 100th birthday of Americas favorite cookie than with an Oreo-flavored donut and an Oreo Coolatta to wash it all down? This is one snack worth investing nearly half of your daily value of saturated fat on.

Taco Bell + Doritos — Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme

Fine. We admit it: we wish theyd chosen Cool Ranch. But thats not the point this combo is hotter than Rihanna and Calvin Harris in "We Found Love."

Taco Bell + Fritos — Beefy Crunch Burritos

All it takes is $0.99 and you can have seasoned ground beef, rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, and Flamin Hot Fritos. The only thing that could make this mash-up any hotter is some Fire sauce.

7-Eleven + Coca-Cola — Coca-Cola Slurpee

This one goes down in history as one of the most solid collaborations since Ashanti and Ja Rule. Whats more, last year 7-Eleven joined Coca-Cola to help protect the polar bears by becoming a part of their "Arctic Home" campaign. This way, you can sip your icy drink and save the icy tundra all at the same time.

Sonic + Powerade — Powerade Mountain Blast Slush

Kudos, Sonic, for making the foray into the world of sports drinks with this collaboration. We know they have a drive-in, but maybe Sonic will consider a "run-in" option to draw in the athletic clientele for a taste of this icy drink.

White Castle + Kraft Bulls-Eye Original Barbeque Sauce — BBQ Sliders

BBQ Sliders, which include a beef patty drizzled with sauce and topped with crispy fried onions. So if you're looking to get saucy with these little sliders, hurry up, because they're only on the menu until Sept. 4.

Cold Stone + Nutter Butter — Nutter Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Ray Karam, the same mastermind behind the Oreo crme filling ice cream, also experimented with a less-known sandwich cookie: the Nutter Butter. The dynamic pairing of sweet cream base with broken-up Nutter Butters was a limited-time offer as a premade ice cream, but dont worry, you can still create it yourself by starting with the base and asking for Nutter Butters as a mix-in.

Cold Stone + Ghirardelli — Chocolate Ice Cream with Ghirardelli Caramel Squares

This is one collaboration we wish wed gotten to try before the limited-time offer ran out. Karam called it his "Chocolate Caramel Heaven Creation," made with chocolate ice cream, Ghirardelli caramel squares, and chocolate chips. Karam himself admits this was one of his favorite creations, claiming, "It takes me to my happy place."

Cold Stone + Oreo — Oreo Crème Filling Ice Cream

When you think of an Oreo, whats the draw? The chocolaty outside or the perfectly gooey, fluffy, white cream filling? We know where we stand. Thats why senior tastemaster for Cold Stone Creamery, Ray Karam, made a truly brilliant move when he asked Nabisco to send him just the cream filling, which he proceeded to mix with a sweet cream base to create what has been one of the most wildly popular Cold Stone flavors of all time.

Mash-Up We'd Like to See: Chick-fil-A Milkshake + Fruity Pebbles

Chick-fil-A probably won't be dipping their spoon into Fruit Pebbles anytime soon, but we can dream...

McDonalds + M&M’s — M&M’s McFlurry

What says "American Dream" like McDonalds and M&Ms, two of this countrys food moguls, pairing up to forward the dream of prosperity for all? Hint: nothing. One glance at the dessert menu will reveal a (Mc)flurry of other brand-name flavor options, too, including Rolo, Oreo, and Reeses.

Monopoly + McDonald’s, Plus Other Product Mash-Ups — McDonald's Monopoly

Food brands are not the only companies striking up partnerships with fast-food giants for promotional purposes. Kids meals are the most common place for corporations to push their new product, specifically when it comes to movies — think Batman action figures stuffed inside a Happy Meal to promote a recently released film. Another prime example is the partnership between McDonald's and Monopoly, which led to a wildly successful promotion that drove customers to purchase items for the chance to complete their Monopoly board and win prizes. Check out Food Products Inspired by Movies.

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