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Jewish Leaders Accuse Michelin Guide of Being Anti-Semitic

Jewish Leaders Accuse Michelin Guide of Being Anti-Semitic

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The Jewish community is accusing Michelin of anti-Jewish sentiment as it has not yet produced a guide on Israel

Michelin has printed guides for 27 countries around the world, but has not yet gotten around to Israel.

Michelin may be one of the most prominent cuisine guides in the world, but the Jewish community has a bone to pick with the travel guide company. Even though Michelin to date publishes guides to dozens of cities and 27 countries around the world, it has yet to publish a guide to Israel.World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder, heir to the Estée Lauder company, personally invited Michelin representatives to Israel, criticizing them for their non-action when it comes to outstanding Jewish cuisine.

“Israel today is a venerable amalgam of cultures and traditions, which come together to produce a distinctive and exceptional culinary scene,” he wrote. “Why, therefore, has your company refused to produce a guide to Israel’s restaurants? Though I am sure that it is not your intention, some have speculated that reasons other than merit color Michelin’s decision not to visit Israel.”

Although Israel is excluded from Michelin’s list of 79 countries and their cuisines on their website, other Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates are included.

Michelin Guide spokeswoman Samuelle Dorol in response to these criticisms told the Associated Press that there are no current plans for an Israel guide, “but that doesn’t mean we will never have one.”


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