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Pour in a bowl water with a little beaten egg and salt, in this bowl add the flour little by little sifting directly into it and, stirring constantly with a spoon until you incorporate all the flour then knead the dough a little until you get a dough easy to work, if you feel it is still necessary, add a little more flour.


Mix the minced meat with the finely chopped onion, pepper and salt.


Spread the dough on the floured table in a sheet 2.5 mm thick and cut with a cup circles with a diameter of 8 ~ 10 cm (or roll the dough in a roll and cut from it the pieces of dough that you will spread on each one in circles with a diameter of 8 ~ 10 cm), put in the center of each circle a spoon without a filling tip and knit as follows:

1. take two parts and bring the dough to the center, sticking the ends together over the filling as in the picture

2. then glue the ends forming four corners two by two

3. glue the opposite ends two by two

4. place the mantles thus obtained on the oiled circles in the steamer and simmer for about 40 minutes or on modern steamers

Serve with dressing prepared from sliced ​​onions with vinegar, water, black pepper and a little sugar to taste or sour cream.

Good appetite !!!

Lazy mantles (Turkish quilts) for those who love oriental dishes. Fast and very tasty!

& # 8220Manti & # 8221 & # 8211 a traditional oriental dish, which tastes like dumplings, only they have a more special shape and are steamed. Today we offer you the quick version of these Turkish delicacies. Lazy mantles are particularly tasty and juicy, are filled with beef and potatoes, have a spicy taste and are an indescribable delight. This food is so tasty that you can't help it. Pamper your family on the weekend with this delicious dish.


& # 8211 1/2 cup oil to grease the dough


& # 8211 ground black pepper to taste

& # 8211 butter for anointing mantles


1. dough. Make a hole in the sifted flour, break the eggs and sprinkle with salt. Gradually pour in the water and knead a soft dough, cover it with a lid and let it sit until you prepare the filling.

2. Filling. Cut the meat into pieces.

3. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes.

4. Cut the onion into small strips.

5. Season the filling with salt, pepper and other spices to taste. Mix well, if the filling is dry, then add a little water.

6. Sprinkle the work table and 2 large, round plates with flour.

7. Roll the dough into a large salami and divide it into 4 equal parts. Roll each piece of dough through flour on all sides, flattening it slightly. You need to get big cakes.

8. Spread each cake with a rolling pin (the dough should be thicker than the dumplings).

9. Grease the cakes with oil and place the meat filling (approximately 2 tablespoons with filling tip for each cake), distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the cakes.

10. Glue the opposite ends of the cake and form a large pate. Put the pies in the steamer, which you have to grease with oil.

11. Steam the blankets for one hour.

12. The coats are ready. Place them on a plate, grease them on top with butter and sprinkle with a pinch of paprika to intensify the taste and aroma of the food.

Watch the step-by-step preparation in the video below.

Our team wishes you good luck with your loved ones!


Seraglio is a kind of inner courtyard of a palace, where - according to the author of the recipe - the women of the Turkish harems cooked the most refined menus.
Mantles are small pastas, stuffed with minced mutton, but, according to some historians, the recipe has Chinese roots.
Kayseri, a city located in the heart of Anatolia, is known as the capital of mantles () because, there were created more than 20 recipes as well, the city's chefs made mantles so small that they could take 36 pieces in a spoon. .
And no more stories, we move on to the world.

For the pasta dough you need:
300 gr flour
40 gr butter
20 ml olive oil
50 ml water
1 or

200 grams of meat (mixture of beef and sheep, in equal proportions)
half an onion
1 or
salt and pepper to taste

For the vegetable sauce:
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 tomatoes
3 mushrooms
1 pepper (preferably two halves colored differently)
salt pepper

For the yogurt sauce
250ml good quality yogurt
1 clove of garlic

For the hot sauce:
50gr butter
hot pepper flakes

In addition to all this, about 500 ml of bone broth and 50gr of butter are needed.

The dough is simple to make, mix the ingredients, knead well and the result will be a soft, non-sticky dough. Which dough should be left to rest for at least 45 minutes as the author recommends, so did I, so I tell you & # 33

The filling is even easier to make than the dough. Mix the meat with finely chopped onion and parsley, egg, season with salt and pepper and ready.

The dough is simple to make, mix the ingredients, knead well and the result will be a soft, non-sticky dough. you have to let him rest for at least 45 minutes.

The filling is even easier to make than the dough: mix the meats with finely chopped onion and parsley, egg, season with salt and pepper and you're done.

Divide the dough into four equal parts.

Spread thin sheets on a floured surface, which you will then divide into squares with a side of 3 cm and place a pile of meat on each square.

Then form mantles, by folding the dough on two of the sides leave an opening in the center: I moistened with water the sides that were to be glued, because otherwise they would not stand.

Mantles are placed in a pan greased with a little oil.

Place the butter (the 50 grams) on top, cut into cubes (in my case there were only cubes) and pour the bone broth on top (about 250 ml).

Boil in the oven at 150C for 12 minutes (said the recipe) I kept them for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauces. The yogurt is extremely simple to make: mix the crushed garlic with a yogurt, and you're done.

For the vegetable sauce, fry in a little oil onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic if necessary (for me it was) add the bone broth and cook until the vegetables are done.

I skipped the hot sauce, but the recipe says that the melted butter is mixed with the oil and the pepper flakes.

Pour the sauces over the pasta as soon as you take them out of the oven and serve hot.
Good appetite!


If you do not have a double boiler or mantovarki you can make the dress in the following ways:

  • In a deep frying pan pour, cover with a lid and bring to a boil. Normal strainer smazh a little oil, put it on the heels, and then put it over the pan. Top lid and simmer for about 40 minutes (boiling vigorously).
  • Pour oil into a deep frying pan. Lay the zaley mantle and warm water so that the liquid is completely covered. The plate was put on medium heat and boiled until cooked.

Kneading dough for dumplings requires patience and time - this is due to the correct mix prove to be strong, durable and elastic.

Keeping all the dumplings secrets: the correct test batch, minced meat instead of minced meat and a special cooking technique - you will get real oriental dumplings with a unique and refined taste.

Video: Mandi - Ejsi 2 Official Video (July 2022).


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