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Chicken and cream tart

Chicken and cream tart

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I spread the tart dough in the tray, pricked it with a fork, put a healthy handful of beans (so that it does not rise and swell and pull from the edges) and left it to bake. about 15-20 minutes .. Next time I will use my river pebbles (that I can reuse them indefinitely)

I boiled the chicken breast and finely chopped it. I also chopped the pepper, dill, green onion and mixed them with the egg and 200 gr of cream, adding a little delicacy. I poured them over the chicken breast and mixed well, about the same for homogenization as in the composition of roasts :)).

In the baked tart dough I put the mixture of meat, vegetables and cream over which I shaved the telemeau (on a large grater). On top I poured a mixture of 100 g of cream and 2 raw eggs, beaten well;)

I put everything in the oven for 30 minutes, on the right heat.


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