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Italian pizza

Italian pizza

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I did it first countertop:

I dissolved the drofjdia in warm water with sugar, I put a flour powder on top and I left it to heat for 20 minutes ...

I put it on the radiator ... until it blisters.

I poured over the flour, I added the oil and the salt dissolved in the water, then the water was heated a little, until a soft, elastic dough was formed ...

I kneaded well and left it to ferment for 2 hours (mandatory)

I took a flat tray, greased it very well with oil and placed the flat top inside ... (as I said, it seemed a bit like dough and I put a portion in another round tray .. .),

I spread it well with my oiled hands ....

I put plenty of tomato sauce on top, then filling:

diced ham and mozzarella, slices of smoked pancetta, sliced ​​mushrooms and artichokes previously hardened in 2 lbs of oil and a cup of water (because they were fresh they needed a little suffocation under the lid before ... to be sure penetrate well).

I sprinkled a little more oregano on top.

I put the pizza in the preheated oven at 220 g for 20 minutes ....

I think it was enough and at 200 ... it seems to me that it caught a little hard above ..

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