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Pasta pudding with cottage cheese and beef ham

Pasta pudding with cottage cheese and beef ham

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Put the pasta to boil in boiling water, in which we added a few villages and a few drops of olive oil and boil them according to the instructions on the package. When they are ready to cook, put the pasta in a strainer and let it drain. When they are well drained, we put them in a bowl, add the crushed cheese (using a fork for this purpose) and the ham cut to everyone's liking.

Separately, in a bowl, beat 3 eggs well and then mix them with the pasta. Incorporate the milk, season to taste with salt and pepper and mix for a good homogenization. In a pan greased with butter put the mixture above. Beat an egg, mix with sour cream and pour over. Bake for about 40 minutes (depending on the oven ...... that's why, I actually said, not to write the cooking time) when the pudding is well done and nicely browned.

It can be served both hot and cold. If you like, a little ketchup (spicy or even sweet) poured when serving will make our pudding even more delicious.

Good appetite!


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