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Habanero and Cucumber Margarita

Habanero and Cucumber Margarita

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  • 1 1/2 Ounce tequila Milagro Reposado
  • 1/2 Ounce Controy (a Mexican orange liquor, can also use Cointreau)
  • 1 1/2 Ounce lime juice
  • 1/8 fresh cucumber, sliced with no seeds
  • Dash agave nectar
  • Very small portion of Habanero chile
  • Slices of cucumber, to garnish
  • Salt and chili powder, for rim


Rub rim of a chilled glass with a piece of lime. Dip the rim of the glass in a saucer of salt and chili powder until it is evenly coated. Mix all ingredients in a shaker or blender with ice. Pour into the glass and garnish with a thick slice of cucumber.

Spicy Cucumber Margaritas

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Annnd, less than 2 weeks after we came home from Austin, I’m back in ATX!

Well, this time I’m just here for a few days for SXSW. And ironically this time, it’s actually chillier and cloudier here than in Kansas City. (Go figure.) Still, it’s Austin, and it’s warm and weird and wonderful, and I’m already happily back on a diet of eating Mexican food all day, every day. Which, of course, must include a few margaritas here and there.

Kathryne and I took ourselves on quite the margarita tour of Austin during our stay last month, doing our best to “research” everything from avocado to habanero-ginger to watermelon-elderflower to — of course — the classic margaritas, and everything in between. But we were surprised to see that one of the most popular margaritas around town was one of my old favorites: cucumber. Even better, spicy cucumber.

I’ve been a fan for years, but never actually tried making cucumber margs myself. So after I arrived back in Kansas City, I invited a bunch of friends over for a girls night, and finally made ’em happen. And I have to say, they might have been even more delicious in Kansas City. )

Actually, I ended up playing around with the recipe for these a few times during the week that I arrived back home. (Annnnd subsequently hosted a few more happy hours.) :)

The first time, I was making an enormous batch, so I lugged out my juicer and used it to squeeze every last ounce out of those limes and oranges and cucumbers. They were awesome, but frankly I’m not a big fan of my juicer and the time it takes to clean it.

So the second time, I tried going the super-simple route and just muddled everything, and then let the mixture refrigerate for a few hours so that the cucumber and jalapeno were infused naturally. It was also decent, but there wasn’t enough cucumber flavor.

The third time — always the charm — I went with the ol’ blender.

And it worked like a charm.

Just puree all of the good stuff, strain out the pulp, muddle in your desired amount of jalapeno and….

…serve it up! I rimmed my glasses with a simple sweet chili salt, which I completely recommend. Otherwise, garnish however you’d like, and enjoy every last sip. :)

A Refreshing Cucumber and Jalapeño Margarita Recipe

Courtesy of Purecane

It's never too early to start celebrating Cinco De Mayo, and this Cucumber & Jalapeño Margarita is the ultimate way to do that. The combination of refreshing cucumbers with the spicy jalapeños in this recipe, reprinted with permission, is truly unmatched. And the fact that the simple syrup is made with Purecane™ Individual Packets instead of regular sugar makes this a healthier alternative to those sugary margarita options!

For more healthy drinks, check out our 6 Best Healthy Margarita Recipes.

Cucumber Habanero Chili Margarita

Ingredients (serving size: 4):

  • 8 oz. Tequila
  • 4 oz. orange liqueur
  • 2 oz. simple syrup
  • Tajin Chili Salt (to taste)
  • 2 Limes, juice only
  • ½ Cucumber
  • ½ Habanero Chili Pepper
  • 4 cups Ice

Wash all ingredients, peel cucumber and remove seeds. Cut the Habanero Chili pepper in half and remove seeds. Squeeze limes in a cup or bowl for fresh lime juice. Mix ingredients with the ice and blend until a smooth consistency. Rim a glass with salt and Tajin chili and fill with frozen Margarita mixture. Enjoy!

Habanero Merica

Not for the faint of heart, this Bloody is packing some serious heat!

Perfectly ripe, hand-picked Roma tomatoes are sourced from organic farms to create the base of our smartly spiced Bloody Mary mix. Smoky chipotle peppers, spicy horseradish and house-made Worcestershire with a select blend of herbs and spices make this mix unforgettably authentic.

Cucumber Margarita Recipe

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Made with only 5 ingredients, these Cucumber Margaritas are refreshing, light and easy to make! Add in a jalapeno to make it spicy, or serve as is for the ultimate summer cocktail.

Cucumber margaritas are one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy on hot summer days. Made with fresh cucumber juice, lime juice, tequila and triple sec, these margaritas are one of the most refreshing and light cocktails I’ve ever made – even more than my Skinny Margaritas!

The trick to making them taste so fresh is the homemade cucumber juice. To make the juice, peel cucumbers and blend them until they’re completely pureed. Then pour the puree through a fine mesh strainer and into a bowl to remove any excess pulp.

The end result is a cool and naturally healthy juice that will pair well with lime juice and tequila.

Once you’ve got the juice strained and ready to go, it’s time to mix up some cucumber margaritas!

If you’re like me and love cocktails with a little spicy kick, I recommend muddling some fresh jalapeno slices in your glass or pitcher. Just gently press down on the sliced jalapenos a few times with a muddler or the back of a spoon a few times until the jalapeno is very fragrant. (Learn more about Jalapeno Peppers.)

Then add in the fresh cucumber juice, lime juice, tequila and triple sec and stir to combine.

If you like your margaritas on the sweeter side, you can add in some agave nectar or simple syrup to your taste.

Cool down (and heat up) with a cucumber and habanero margarita

When it comes to summertime day drinking, you can never go wrong with a classic margarita. But sometimes you just want to change things up. And for times like those, skip the beer and the rosé and go with, well, another margarita.

We recommend a rose water margarita, a mango margarita or this spicy-yet-cooling cucumber and habanero margarita.

This twist on America's favorite frozen cocktail packs a mighty big kick from habanero peppers (somewhere between 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville Heat Index, but don't worry – you can remove the seeds). But the soothing effects of the ice, lime and cucumber will cool you right down.

There's nothing better than sipping a drink that will heat you up and cool you down at the same time – well, except for maybe sipping such a drink in a perfectly temperate pool.

Habanero Margarita!

Yes, it’s January and it’s freeezzzing and we’re cold and shivering in oversized shoes and raggedy coats, trying to warm up with fistfuls of matches and perhaps a cold margarita doesn’t quite fit into this scenario.

Then again, perhaps a margarita is exactly what you need in order to trick your brain into thinking it’s summer again and you’re actually laying poolside and tanned, reading some mystery novel and applying sunscreen on the hour. (Or perhaps you live in the Southern hemisphere and you actually are laying poolside and tanned. Jealous! Send me a one-way ticket, please, to wherever you are. I won’t eat much.)

While I posted my patented* 𔄛-2-1 margarita” recipe for Cinco de Mayo already, I don’t think I’ve told you about how easy it is (impossibly simple, really) to make a spicy habanero-infused margarita. Well, I’m telling you now: it’s easy. Here’s how.

Canned Cocktails for Margarita Day

Not feeling like mixing anything? These canned cocktails are pretty tasty and they’ll definitely fulfill your marg craving.

Cutwater Mango Margarita Canned Cocktail (12.5% ABV) Cutwater Spirits makes this canned marg with real tequila. The mango gives it a tropical twist, and after this long winter, everyone could use a little taste of the tropics.

Cutwater Spirits launched their newest canned cocktail, the mango margarita. Photo: Cutwater Spirits

Cocktail Squad (10% ABV) This ready-to-drink canned margarita is made with tequila, agave and a pinch of salt.

Two Chicks Cocktails Sparkling Citrus Margarita (5% ABV) This tequila, lemon and lime cocktail includes two servings in each of their 12 oz cans.

Two Chicks Cocktails has a tasty Citrus Sparkling Margarita. Photo: Two Chicks Cocktails

Crook & Marker Lime Margarita (5% ABV) These margaritas are made with pure Blue Agave Tequilanas. However, the fun really starts after National Margarita Day. Crook & Marker has a sweet BOGO deal for their new flavor. From March 1 through May 31, customers can try the new Lime Margaritas for free with the purchase of any Crook & Marker 8-pack.

The Crook & Marker Lime Margarita comes in an 8-pack. Photo: Crook & Marker

The Ultimate Jalapeno Margarita &ndash Truly

Let us know what you think of the recipe! Hopefully you can enjoy it outside by the pool or along the ocean, but hey, anywhere is good for a jalapeno margarita.

We&rsquove enjoying this very simple yet tasty recipe for years. It is always a hit at every single party. They don&rsquot last very long.

If you like this recipe, you might also like my Spicy Margarita Recipe made with blackberry and habanero peppers.

Use this as a base recipe to try other margarita cocktails! Mix in other ingredients! I hope you like your spicy jalapeno margarita!

That&rsquos it, my friends! I do hope you enjoy your jalapeno margarita. Let me know what you think. I&rsquod love to hear it. How spicy do YOU prefer? Just a touch? Extra spicy? See you next time!

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