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Pretzel garlands

Pretzel garlands

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Pretzel Wreaths Recipe of 16-12-2019 [Updated on 16-12-2019]

The pretzel garlands they are a cute idea for a delicious snack or for original place cards. More than a real recipe, this is an idea, because the very easy procedure simply involves attaching small pre-made pretzels together, and then decorating them as if they were mini Christmas wreaths. So easy and fast that you can involve the children of the house and spend some time together in joy;) The result is small pretzel garlands, delicious to look at and also very good, if you love the sweet-salty contrast!


How to make pretzel garlands

First, prepare the ingredients and melt the chocolate (in the microwave or in a double boiler).

Arrange a sheet of parchment paper on the work surface, add 6 pretzels in a circle, then pass a little white chocolate on the central part.
Overlap another 6 pretzels on the first ones, but putting the second circle staggered with respect to the first (each pretzel must be placed halfway between 2 pretzels of the lower circle), pressing a little to make the chocolate adhere.
Also cover the central part of the second circle with white chocolate, then decorate as desired with Christmas sprinkles, attaching them to the chocolate.
Continue like this for the other garlands, then let them dry for at least 1 hour.

The pretzel garlands are ready.

20 edible decorations to hang on the Christmas tree

Decorate the Christmas tree with greedy baubles, garlands of marshmellow and popcorn, frosted cookies and pretzels that glisten with sugar.

It's Christmas, again (as the song says). The tree is already ready, with all its glittering decorations. Don't you feel like something is missing? Of course! A few decorations to munch on while watching advent Christmas movies. On Pinterest ginger cookies of any shape and color, cookies covered with snowflake-shaped icing, but also garlands of caramelized popcorn and meringue wreaths, are very easy to make. Are you ready to fill up on sweetness?

Recipe bread wreath recipe

Recipe bread wreath recipes, you will love. Choose from hundreds of recipes on Bread Garland Recipe, recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Prepare the ingredients and you can start cooking Bread Garland Recipe. Have fun discovering new dishes and foods of the best Garland of bread recipes recipes of Italian and international cuisine. Enjoy your meal!

Christmas decorations with food: for a beautiful and good table [PHOTO]

The Christmas decorations with food they are perfect for those who want a beautiful and good table. There are so many ideas to celebrate the greediest and most awaited anniversary of the year: they range from the classics cookies to hang on the tree until pop corn garlands, from fruit centerpieces to gourmet Christmas trees. We offer you some ideas that you will certainly like and that are also very easy to replicate. If you want to impress your guests with refined decorations, but above all delicious to eat, here's what to do.

Nice and good Christmas decorations
In this case, the classic biscuits to be used as a decoration for the Christmas tree are inevitable. All you have to do is make simple shortbread biscuits, cut them with Christmas shapes and make a small hole before cooking in which to pass the ribbon to use to hang them on the tree. You can then leave them natural, but they will also be beautiful decorated with simple white or colored icing. These treats can also be used as delicious placeholder. To try, because it is really easy, it is also there pop corn garland which can become a decoration for your table that will make children crazy: you simply have to thread a nylon thread into a needle and then thread the popcorn one by one until you get a garland of the desired length.

Appetizers and recipes with a Christmas theme
Very easy to make, and truly spectacular, it is the vegetable Christmas tree to be proposed as starter: it is a crude vegetable pinzimonio which, however, is presented as a Christmas tree. On a plate create the shape of the tree with green broccoli and then use for tomatoes or colored fruit for decorations. The reindeer sandwiches are also delicious: you can find them in our gallery and all you have to do is add some pretzel to form the horns of the reindeer. As for the sweets, you will be spoiled for choice: the green tree-shaped spumigliette with small colored sugars are beautiful. You can serve them as a sweet treat but also use with fun place cards.

Fun guacamole canapi in the shape of a fir tree

This is an easy aperitif and is quick to prepare, postu chì a faremu cù already prepared ingredients. Ùn havemu chè from cutting u bread, spread with a rich cream y decorate cusì chì avemu some funny Christmas trees. Cusì had an attractive presentation, ricurreremu à varii gaskets for decurà sti Christmas ropes.


1. Cut each pita bread into 4-6 triangles, according to the size that vulemu gives the canapés.

2. Inserimu a mità of a stick salitu in u centru of u fondu of each wedges for furmà a troncu d'arburu. Put bread in a toaster or grill.

3. Prepare a cream of stuffing mischjendu u guacamole cù u yogurt or u furmagliu and sparghjite u pita bread.

4. Decorate cù pimentu or much minced alivi.

Another idea: Garnish the fir with garlands of cume u ketchup sauces, with mayonnaise or mustard.

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